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Common sense when using cold forming equipment

May. 10, 2019

Basic precautions for the pressing machine:

1. Clean the surface of the pressing machine and the surface of the pressure roller. The molding process on the equipment: the motor drives the input shaft through the pulley, and drives the upper shaft through the pinion and the large gear. It is driven by a set of cam mechanism. The sliding seat of the upper mold moves up and down to realize the pressure tile.

2. The indexing position of the table of the pressing machine is made up of the gear set mounted on the end of the upper shaft, the gear of the transmission pin, and the groove wheel mounted on the shaft of the hexagonal wheel to realize the indexing positioning, at both ends of the upper shaft Each is equipped with a return cam which is conjugated with the pressing cam on the same shaft, and the positioning of the lower mold in the working position is realized by the positioning rod and the positioning disc. In the left and right sides of the cabinet, a lubrication pump is installed, and when the machine is working After the oil pipe transports the lubricating oil to the frictional moving parts. The machine structure and performance and operating procedures must not be started.

3. It is strictly forbidden to work beyond the closed height, that is, the minimum distance from the bottom surface of the upper sliding box to the working surface is 290mm. The height of the upper and lower molds is added. The thickness of the upper and lower pads plus the thickness of the blank is not allowed to exceed 290mm. It should be designed according to this requirement to avoid machine accidents.

4, always pay attention to observe, the height of the lubricating oil in the sliding box and the sides of the machine. Equipment should be wiped frequently, keep clean, no muddy water

Maintenance profile and usage precautions for the tile press:

(1) minor repair - equivalent to three-level maintenance, is the least amount of partial repair. Repair and replace a small number of damaged parts, adjust the equipment mechanism to ensure that the equipment can be used until the next repair period. Small repairs and inspections are generally carried out simultaneously , the cost of the person in the month of production costs.

(2) Medium repair - partial disassembly of the equipment, repair or replacement of major parts and more wear parts, inspection of the entire mechanical system, calibration of the basis of the equipment to restore and achieve the specified accuracy, power and other technical requirements. Repair is generally a restorative repair.

(3) Overhaul - This is the most labor-intensive repair. It requires all or most of the disassembly equipment, repair or replacement of the main parts and all wear parts, so that the technical condition and technical performance of the equipment meet the prescribed standards. The length of the overhaul period depends on Equipment maintenance and maintenance quality t. The overhaul period is generally long, and should be combined with overhaul as far as possible to arrange some major technical transformation projects. The cost of overhaul of the tile machine is borne by the enterprise itself, excluding the cost of artificial production of finished products.

The debugging method for the deviation of the pressure plate of the pressing machine, such as running the plate to the right, the left corner of the pad (feeding frame), or the bottom of the right side (the first few axes run off the bottom of the shaft, the upper shaft falls with the bottom axis. In the first row and the last row of the color steel tile pressing machine, find the center, and then fasten the two sides of the locker. Pull a straight line in front of and behind the center of the middle wheel to adjust the gap between the upper and lower shafts. The machine can be adjusted along the straight line. First, the heights of the front and rear lines of the color steel tile pressing machine are the same from the upper end of the big frame to the upper end, and then the line is straightened from the first row to the last row. Check to see if the lower shaft is in a straight line and adjust the left and right sides of the lower shaft to a horizontal level. The color steel equipment can also be called roll cold forming, that is, on a row of tandem forming mills, through the metal plate. And the metal strip, which is sequentially bent, and the flat plate is processed into a plastic working method of a desired cross-sectional shape. The roll-type cold-bending molding has been used for bicycle rims, umbrella frame manufacturing, and the like.

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